Part 2: A Millennial’s Way to Diet in the West 

Okay readers, welcome back to my page and my Part 2 Project Progress Post! (Alliteration, I know, how titillating already).

As you probably gauged from my first post, my research question initially assumed a universal perception of the media as being a source of contradictory information. Instead, it aimed to determine whether this attribute of the media could cause negative effects on society’s members. However, as I recently expanded my background knowledge, although I was able to locate quality studies that labelled the media as contradictory, most findings were sourced from middle-aged Americans between 40 and 50.

As a result of this observation I have since determined two things; First I confirmed that as the Millennials are an age bracket unexplored, this narrowing of scope will help me produce findings of relevance and social utility in my research area. But more importantly, second, I have realised it has not yet been confirmed whether there is any perception by youth that the media is contradictory.

Thus, as at this stage, this is a perception I can only confirm I personally share, I have since decided to widen my research question to allow me to synthesise a student perception of the media as well as on a ‘healthy diet’. It now reads: To explore how exposure to media informs a millennial’s understanding of a ‘healthy diet.’

To cater for this two-part question, I have also decided to use this Survey to identify the ‘How’ element of my question (i.e How students perceive a ‘healthy diet’) and Interviews to answer the ‘Why’ of my question (Why they hold these perceptions and if the media is to blame).

This research may not be as comprehensive as some of the studies I have read. But, hopefully, if my confusion is shared, perhaps it will start a conversation about the potential negative health behaviours people may adopt as a way to cope with the media’s inability to provide a clear idea of a healthy diet. Only then can we encourage the media to promote a clear idea of a healthy diet that can be followed with ease by Australians.









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