BCM 112

Annotated Bibliography Continued


Just one more link 🙂


This Instagram page also aspires to encourage happiness within its audiences. Its phenomenal 8.5 million followers indicate that the content it uses and the way it is presented successfully resonates with viewers in the same way I wish too. Personally, I am not a fan of the posts with merely text and no background as, an Instagram user myself, I do not think this would catch a viewer’s attention when scrolling through streams of ‘Insta-worthy’ aesthetic photography. To me it seems amateurish. However, perhaps this contrasting to what people usually post is the way the page seems personalised, thus more relatable and, has ultimately extended its reach so far. It has inspired me to create some posts with simple text to test this theory out. It is also notable that the page’s quotes are wonderful as they are varied and thought provoking.


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