BCM 112

ZooFella – The Makeup Monkey.

During industrialisation, the procedure of creating something was broken down into two steps:  1) The conceptualising of an idea, and 2) Doing an act so as to produce or execute your thought.

However, as time progressed so did civilisation and its technologies,the increasing affordances of creating things digitally ultimately allowing for these two steps to be merged into one. This transformation resulted in a new generation of craftsman – people whose quality of work couldn’t be predetermined but depended on the level of skill and dexterity used in their execution.

This new creation process reflects society’s wish for more efficient and customisable production processes, an approach that, by a popular example of famous Youtuber’s, allows for the portrayal of the inner-workings of the operators mind.

This process of making and risk can be seen in this little makeup monkeys attempt to make it big in the makeup video industry – just like his Zoo friend named Ella ( ‘Zooella‘ for short). Clearly, becoming a professional YouTuber is harder than it looks, Youtube subscribers not yet ready to go bananas for his monkey makeup genius. One day little monkey, one day.


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Images courtesy of:

Mitew, T., 2016, “Week 6: Craft and Digital”Lecture/Prezi Presentation, BCM 112, University of Wollongong, 6 April 2016



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