BCM 112

The logic behind Monologic Media’s continuing relevance in society.

When Henry Jenkin’s first recognised media convergence he identified that he was referring to 1) The flow of content across multiple media platforms, 2) The cooperation between multiple media industries and, 3) The migratory behaviour of media audiences who go almost anywhere in search of experiences they want. 

As a part of a generation in which ‘the people formerly known as the audience’ are no longer just consumers but prosumers (meaning they don’t just passively consume but produce their own content via dialogic mediums), a questioned is posed. Why, if media-audiences now have the ability to self-produce content on the ubiquitous platform that is the internet, which allows for a sense of immediacy, ease, and empowerment in participation (due to the absence of heavy costs and gatekeepers synthesising/controlling content), is legacy/monologic media still relied upon as a valid source of information if it renders users passive?

This question could perhaps be talked about in relation to the monologic medium that is the television. Why is it that television is still considered so persuasive in the news that it delivers if people are becoming increasingly aware of the socio-political influence’s that occur in their ability to choose what is ‘fit for print’?

Beneath is a sound cloud that discusses the question of why both types of media is still relied upon by ‘prosumers’ using the example of television. In support of this investigation Henry Jenkin’s idea that convergence requires the ‘cooperation of media platforms’ is also discussed.



You might also like to read: 

This 2006 report by the Australian Institute that highlights the continuing prominence of legacy media (referred to in sound cloud) and;

Conversely, this 2015 ABC report  shows dialogic medium’s increase in use as a main point of access for current affairs.

Or watch this video: which exemplifies the rising numbers and benefits of citizens derived from the affordances of dialogic mediums:


Other References:

Mitew, T., 2016, “Week 5:Will you be my audience? Empowerment access and participation across media platforms” Lecture/Prezi Presentation, BCM 112, University of Wollongong, 28 March 2016.

“Media Consumption”. Nutritionandmedia.org. N.p., 2016. Web. 30 Mar. 2016. http://www.nutritionandmedia.org/page17/page6/page6.html (Header Image). 

Soundcloud image: http://www.marshotelonline.com/ilovetv_nologo.jpg








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