BCM 112

The different Ecologies of access to technologies.

When people think of access to technologies, they usually consider ‘access’ in the general sense of meaning the ability, right, or permission to use that device.

However when it comes to the restraints associated with the allowed ‘use’ of different products , the term is not so straight forward. In fact, industries each have their own ideology behind what ‘access’ to their product actually means, each controlling the modalities of how, when and to what extent people can interact with their product. Types of ‘access’ to technology have subsequently categorised the types of technologies that use them.

The two mainly distinguished types of technology with differing methods of content control are called Open Source and Closed Source technologies. Each of these ecologies of access have their advantages and disadvantages, their diverse properties raising the question of whether they can co-exist or if something needs to be changed in order to create a more unified or coherent way of dealing with problems that revolve around the extent of a user’s power when they have access to a technology.

My SoundCloud below delves deeper into the capabilities a user is gifted with by each technology and seeks to answer the question of whether they can continue to function alongside one another, or if a change is needed to create a more unified way in which we can control the content of our technology and thus resolve problems when they arise.

You might also like to have a look at this crash course of the differences between open source and closed source technology:


This video is particularly important in describing the difference between an individuals own capability of resolving problems within a certain technology – Open Source Technology users can fix the problem themselves but Closed Source Technology  users have to rely on the manufacturer to fix the problem.

 Further References: 

Image in Soundcloud: http://www.gsmnation.com/blog/wpcontent/uploads/2013/06/ios5-vs-android.jpg

Image in Header: http://heinsvig.com/images/may-the-source-be-with-you.gif



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