BCM 110 / BCM 112

“Classic Jad”.

Hi there,

For all of those who don’t know me, my name is Jade McGlynn. But for all of those who DO know me, my name is JADe McGlynn.

Now for those of you who don’t know me, I’m guessing that right about now you’re probably confused as to why I capitalised the first three letters of my name and assumed that bolding it for contrast would make it appear, or seem, any different to you. Well, as much as I do admire a nice underlined Times New Roman-size 12 in bold, I will care to explain. However, first I must set the context in which I am writing.

As you can see, this is my very first blog post, one I assume that will be the first of many. Now the reason that I’m doing this – making a blog, is in the hopes of creating a digital artefact about myself, the inner workings of my brain ,and very broadly media and technology -the area of study I am currently learning about at the University of Wollongong. So, as apart of my curriculum ‘a student’- me, ‘must create a digital research project’- this , ‘which (is) publicly available and (has) clear meaning and utility for audiences’ – you. Simplistically put, this is my very own introduction to my own social suicide; Somewhere I’m supposed to, “Fail Early, Fail Often (#FEFO)”, and in some way grow from the criticisms of people hopefully other than by your ‘friendly neighbourhood internet troll’ or ‘ya mum’. So blog I shall and grow I will! And the best way I figured you and I can become well acquainted  – well you acquainted with me, I don’t really know who you are – is through the story that pretty much captures me entirely – the tautological, introverted- extrovert that is JAD.

Okay, so lets start off the story of JAD with a simple definition then math equation. According to Oxford Dictionary Common sense is a term meaning ‘Good sense and sound judgement in practical matters’. So basically, an ability to wisely make decisions about everyday matters. For the purpose of our equation then lets label common sense say… ‘E’, ‘E’ for Everyday matters.

Then say hypothetically (not really) you have a girl that is somewhat intelligent, she may or may not be going to law school, enjoys learning about politics, and who has entered into every nerdy competition you could ever think of and may or may not have gone that bad-debating, book competitions, tennis tournaments… She also might be teaching kids about her passion of English as a profession and been spotted with the occasional puffer adjoined to her hand. Stereotypical babe-a-saurus-REX AM I RIGHT?!

Well add that girl into situations where; she’s unknowingly entered not only the house of a stranger, but their bathroom… when trying to go to a party dressed as a wolf; she’s been broadcast on national television, on the one and only ‘Go-Go-Stop‘; that her strangest dream was being eaten by Bob the Builder; and has been so socially awkward in public settings that, just last week, while fortunately dressed in oversized man sandal’s and sporting Regina George wet patches on her front, yelled out at a ‘Facebook Famous’ girl “I Love your life!” in an attempt to be nice.

Now start with this hypothetical girl thats academic, add her quirky, embarrassing and now very public life experiences, minus that the girl is hypothetical because it is very obvious that it is me and….Voilàa! Me! My life. That ‘Just Academic’ girl  (‘J.A’) + her disability she is under when dealing with life situations (‘D’) and her inability to retain the common-sense (‘E’) that all normal human Jade’s were meant to have.

= JAD.

Now that formula isn’t exactly the way it came about, the nickname was just derived from my friend’s struggle to cut my name shorter than it already is. Nevertheless, the reason I came up with this equation was to better explain not the reasons for its origination but the reasons for what it became.

‘JAD’: That Adjective-Noun-Verb that could be used in all contexts to explain all that is me and anyone else’s funny misdemeanours or life hiccups that could be relatable to it.

All in good humour of course…

And that’s how it came to be!- From mid high-school when it was created, to even this singular moment.”Oh Jad“;” So and So did a Jad“; “Classic Jad” “What a Jad comment“… Even if people weren’t familiar with the name but with me I’d still hear the sweet sounds of friends reply’s…“That is ‘such a Jade thing to do'”.


People may not believe it but I love the name. It expresses all the things that I am and all the things that I’m not; A word that was created to capture the indefinable person that is me and has helped me come to terms with the idea that we all define our own normal.

So there it is. “Classic Jad”. The (wo)Man. The legend;  And the writer of this blog. A Media Communications and Law student at the University of Wollongong that has something to say and who has #FEFO so down pat that its the reason that ‘JAD’ came to be.

Anyway, I hope you’ll be joining me on all of my newly public escapades,that I also hope will be both insightful and sometimes humorous, on my journey towards discovering all that is new and interesting that my course of Media and Communications and Law has to offer.

Thanks for reading,









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