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So what does it mean to be a strong powerful woman in ‘Suits’ and ‘The Goodwife’?, How do they compare to the televised women who were exclusively domestic, obedient and sexualized? (Shelby C. Murray, 2017). ‘Strength’ and ‘Power’ Comparing Jessica and Alicia, their types of strength and power are similar but distinct.  Jessica’s strength is … Continue reading


3) CASE STUDY 2 : ‘The Goodwife’

‘The Goodwife‘ series stars Alicia Florrick who finds herself fighting her way through a series of obstacles to obtain a successful professional life. In terms of her characterisation, Alicia is presented as a highly intelligent woman. She is fiercely independent, protective of her children and, powerful in persuasion. However, instead of being introduced in a … Continue reading


1) RESEARCH PROJECT – Powerful Female Roles in U.S. Law Show: A Comparative Case Study of ‘Suits’ and ‘The Goodwife’.

Background Did you know that before this influx of strong female protagonists in television, the most common and arguably only female role was a woman who was hyper-sexualised, domestic and obedient? (Shelby C. Murray, 2017). Although the idea that ‘media affects society’ is a generalisation, findings like these are the reason scholars have pointed to television … Continue reading